low cost + low power
sensor network

layer zero

a sensor networking layer

Layer Zero offers GPS tracking solutions for your fleet of devices, be it vehicles or equipment, completely untethered from LTE and cell service providers. We operate on an open source network of Lorawan gateways.

Our sensors don't require costly cell towers and operate on a de-centralized network that belongs to thousands of people. This means that the cost of sending data is fractional compared to traditional LTE and 5G solutions.

Unlike LTE based devices, our sensors consume very little power and don't require recharging for up to 4 months.


onboarding cost
+ onboard for free

We don't charge any upfront fees for tracking sensors and there is no installation fee.

+ track anything

Our sensors are easy to install, don't require much power and can last months without recharging the battery.
Track a fleet of vehicles, individual pieces of equipment, packages and anything else you can imagine.

+ $7 monthly subscription

Get access to a personal console and track all of your devices with in-depth data, all for a monthly fee of $7 per sensor.



local to global
+ decentralization

We are part of a growing network of decentralized Lorawan gateways, which means that our trackers can operate nationally, way past the Los Angeles area.

+ flexibility

Since we are an independent operator, we have the freedom to cater to clients and deploy quickly to their vicinity. Currently, we are initiating installations of 80 gateways in the Los Angeles County and adjacent areas and plan to create dense coverage.

Heat map data is constantly changing and may not be an accurate representation of current coverage.
Every hotspot represents a 10 mile coverage radius.
monthly payouts + bonuses


earn cash for hosting our antennas
+ earn money from hosting our antenna

We pay you $25 month + bonuses for hosting our devices. All you need to provide is roof or balcony space and an outlet. No effort is required on your part.

+ easy install

Our technicians perform a quick installation and you can start earning rewards immediately. There are no hidden costs and you will never need to worry about maintenance for our devices.

+ bonuses

In addition to the monthly payout you receive $25 as a sign up fee for joining our Host network, an additional $25 at the 6th month mark and $25 for every confirmed install coming from a referral. Total 6 month payout could reach $200.



asked questions
Q: how much power does the device consume?

Our devices consume very little energy, only about 10w, which is equivalent to a couple LED lightbulbs.Our d willcost you practically nothing to host.

Q: what are we using the antennas for?

Our antennas create LongFi coverage for a network of small telemetry sensors, such as GPS trackers, weather sensors, leak detection sensors and any sensor operating on the Lorawan band.

Q: where is the device installed?

Our antennas are installed on the roof or on your balcony, the installation only takes about 30 minutes or less.

Q: how big is our device?

The device is a total of 5 feet with a footprint of less than 1sqft. It is portable and is not visible in most installations.

Q: is this public wifi?

Nope, we have nothing to do with WiFi and our devices create coverage on the 915Mhz band, which was once used for analogue TV.

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